Rich Wieber's Bicycle Safety Program
"Rich--just wanted to tell you what a great assembly you provided for us yesterday. This is my 22nd year in education and your performance and message to our students was one of the best I've seen (and I've seen a lot). The students are still talking about it today and probably will for a long time. Normally during assemblies we have a few students that we have to talk to about not horsing around. Not once during your performance did I see any of that happen. The students were focused on you, were quiet when you spoke and could have stayed there longer if we had let them.

In addition, our staff will be using the messages you stressed for quite some time as it relates to students about not giving up on assignments, projects, homework, etc. just because it's difficult at first. I would also like to add that the message you gave about wearing helmets hit home too. The boy you brought up (Chance) told me at lunch today he went home to look for a helmet, couldn't find one and said his mom is going to get him one this weekend. What a complete turnaround in thinking for him. Amazing.

You have no idea how many traumatic brain injuries you may have prevented in all your travels and speaking engagements. I think that what you stressed was great.

Thank you again for a tremendous message and performance!"

- Ken Bartelt, Northwestern Middle School, Poplar, WI