Entertaining, Motivational, Fun!

"Dear Mr. Wieber,
it must have taken years to learn to jump over two people when the ground is flat! Your show was awesome and your story was cool. You never stopped trying and that's what's cool about you. You're inspiring."

- Will C., Student

"Dear Mr. Wieber,
I really liked your show. It was cool actually seeing someone in person doing those tricks. Your story was nice too. I learned that if you put your mind to something you can do anything. Thank you for coming to Cushing. Everyone really enjoyed your show!"

- Kelly Q., Student

"Dear Mr. Wieber,
Thank you for coming and doing your cool stunts. I also like your advise on following your dream. My favorite trick was where you jumped over the two teachers. I als liked your story about your childhood."

- Spencer H., Student

"Hey thanks so much for coming to our school! I am a 9th grader and I loved having you! I am a member of AODA and I couldn't have picked a better person to come and teach us some awesome lessons for our adventure in life! You really know how to catch the attention of a crowd! It was really cool how you told us never give up. I think that is one of the best lessons we can learn in life! You have awesome talent in trick riding! I was AMAZED!!!!! Anyway thanks again, you really made Red Ribbon Week at our school a memorable one!"

- Brittany F., Webster WI High School Student

"Hey Rich - You came to Webster School in WI today...and just to let you know---what I think you are doing is a really great thing---and you're completely awesome at the bike---your story was so awesome how you started out mowing lawns and delivering papers in freezing cold - it's amazing how some things can be accomplished if you just believe! I talked with my parents after seeing you perform and now we are looking into colleges that I can attend. Thanks for letting us know that even in a small town, anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Also thanks for signing my brother's hat. You are someone I can look up to."

- Sara, Webster WI High School Student

"What I learned from the Biker -
I learned that you ALWAYS should wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and other safety things when you ride something like a bike, roller skates and a skateboard. The best thing is to be SAFE! Be safe, don't use drugs and never give up."

- Leonie T., Student

"What I learned from the Biker -
I learned that you should get a better bike before you do hard tricks. You should not do drugs and not get drunk. You might die or get hurt, and then you can't ride your bike. Also, you should start small and work to bigger tricks."

- Donald S., Student